Autocrats count on your apathy.
"Nothing Can Be Changed if it Is Not Faced." -James Baldwin
Sometimes a document is just a document.
with special guest Capitol Police Officer Stephanie Fulcher
Podcast Episode 83 - Stay Dirty, Stay Moderate; A Tale of Two PartiesListen now (19 min) | The once great party of Lincoln is now a cesspool of buffoonery, lies, and incompetence, and on the eve of the anniversary of the…
Henry James would definitely approve.
Podcast Episode 79. Stay Dirty. Stay Moderate: The White Lotus and American DelusionListen now (22 min) | Politics is always downwind of culture. And for 2022's final installment of Stay Dirty, Stay Moderate, Adam weaves the parallels…
Podcast Episode 78. Stay Dirty. Stay Moderate: American DemonsListen now (23 min) | “Anti-” attacks are part of a rhetorical loop in American society. In this week’s “Stay Dirty, Stay Moderate,” Adam examines how…
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