Jan 6 • 19M

Podcast Episode 83 - Stay Dirty, Stay Moderate; A Tale of Two Parties

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The once great party of Lincoln is now a cesspool of buffoonery, lies, and incompetence, and on the eve of the anniversary of the insurrection, with our government in shambles, America weeps.

Every one of these ass clowns who are holding the people’s House hostage to their rabid extremism should have their salaries docked until they promise to do what they were elected to do: serve the people. No play? Then no pay.


Does anyone remember what they are there to do?

Get your shit together, Congress. The people deserve better.


Don’t forget Vote.org, Vote.org, Vote.org! Get registered to vote if you’re not already and register everyone you know. You can even help them figure out where their nearest voting location is and when early voting starts…the 2024 Presidential Election campaigns have already begun.

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